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WELCOME TO SPIRIT LAKE... A small town in northern Arizona where the people are as charming and beautiful as the town itself. Meet Teylor and Jamie; Teylor and Jamie have been inseparable since eighth grade, when Jamie defended her from the school's bully. Now, seventeen years later, they still remain the best of friends; that is, until Jamie returns home from a two week stay in Paris bearing the news that he'd recently proposed to Carrie; his girlfriend of six months! In the wake of that revelation, Teylor's world is shattered, and what was supposed to be the most exciting time in Jamie's life thus far, has become a turbulent roller coaster for the two best friends. And to add to the chaos, Teylor has been hiding a secret of her own. Will the two find their way out of this emotional maze before it ruins their friendship? Or, will their bond die once she reveals the hidden truth she's kept from him for seventeen years? Fall in love with Spirit Lake as the author takes you on a romantic adventure to a town filled with tests, trials, and most importantly, love...

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