Hi ya’ll, I’m Tamarria — a southern girl, now living in the west, and might I add, living my best life on this side of heaven. I’ve been married to my best friend for 14 years (together for 20), we share 3 amazing children who love to test our patience and fill our hearts with joy all at the same time. (What can I say, they’re geniuses.) I’m also a self-published author, poet, and blogger who doesn’t blog as much as I claim to. (You’ll notice if you follow the blog. Feel free to hold me accountable.) I also love to make up interesting stories in my head and get them down on paper to entertain all you fabulous readers out there. Speaking of which, I released my first novel, Spirit Lake, under my publishing company — T.D. Writes Publishing — July 20, 2018. Please don’t hesitate to stop what you’re doing and purchase the book. I thank you kindly :)

I created this little site because I’m told that folks need a way to search for me on the internet if i’m to connect with my readers, especially since I seem to be an unstable social media person (too busy living in the moment to document it all). Any how, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to take your time scrolling around, drop a comment or email. I always love hearing from you, and as always, be blessed.